“Back on May 22, you installed a new Bryant Evolution Extreme system to replace my old one that was leaking. James was the lead on it and he talked to me about the options and after a little research I decided to go with the 19 SEER system due to the energy efficiency gains. I wasn’t really expecting to see as much improvement as the theoretical marketing data, so after 2 months of being able to watch the daily useage I have to say I’m really impressed. My last SRP bill was 45% lower in dollars and 50% lower in energy consumption, than the same month last year, and I’m keeping the house temperature the same. SRP gives you daily usage and temperatures so I looked at the actual usage comparison and it is really amazing. I thought I’d share it in case it might be useful to share with other customers who have the same question I did about what real results might be.


Oh and I am loving how quiet it is- James put in a second return after seeing the existing one was inadequate and it is a huge difference.” -Cindy M.