Most people very rarely think about the heating and cooling system within their home. As a home owner it is important to understand the basics of energy efficiency for heating and cooling. It is fair to say that the heating and cooling system is rarely thought about apart from when the bills come through the door.

It can be frightening how much it can actually cost to stay comfortable in the house. It can take up to forty three percent of your utility bill on an average day to stay at a comfortable temperature.

In order to keep your energy bills as low as possible it is important to understand your heating and cooling system. It is important to make sure that the system is working as efficiently as it possibly can. If the house has an old model system then you will possibly want to look at other ways that you can save some money. One of the most beneficial ways of cutting the cost of energy bills is to install a new system as this will be more energy friendly. The system requirements will vary depending on the climate in the region that you live. There is a number of different systems that are available.

Another thing that you should consider is that it can cut utility bills if the home is correctly insulated as this will prevent any air getting in. In some houses air has a number of different ways that it can get in and this includes through the doors, windows, floors, walls and ceilings which are all poorly insulated. Even garage doors can be a main source of heat loss from the house when the two are attached.

If you are not sure whether the system that you have is efficient or not then it is a good idea to get a test conducted as this will measure the efficiency levels and determine where your house is losing heat. This test can also help you to work out if the system is the correct size for your house and if it is not the correct one then the correct size can be worked out.

There is probably some simple steps that you can still take even if you have already started to upgrade your system to get it working to its optimum level. It is a good idea to clean the system on a monthly basis as this will keep it working at its best, as it will keep the amount of dirt and dust to a minimum.

When the correct system is in place and the correct maintenance is done then a reduction should be noticed in your energy bills. This reduction in costs will be a very good thing as it will save you money whilst also maintaining the temperature in the house therefore making it comfortable.

When everything is in place and its working at its optimum level then you will be using a more sustainable level of energy. It is possible to have efficiency level of ninety per cent, so it is worth taking time to check out your system.